Chiromics is prospecting new molecular space
through creation of Accessible Complexity: unique and diverse drug-like small molecule collections that are stereochemically complex generated by Chiromics proprietary technology.

Currently, Chiromics' molecular pipeline include two libraries:

Maximum Diversity Collection:
Chiromics Maximum Diversity Collection is provided to engage the broad spectrum of traditional singleton based functional assays. This single-structure formatted collection captures the core essence of the complexity, diversity and lead-like properties found in the Chiromics Maximum Coverage Collection while made to be compatible with the standard high-throughput biochemical, functional or cellular assays.
Maximum Coverage Collection:
To maximize the potential of mixture based assays such as affinity selection, Chiromics has assembled the Chiromics Maximum Coverage collection.

With more than 1 million compounds and counting, multi-structure formatted Chiromics Maximum Coverage Collection encompasses "Accessible Complexity" to its fullest and maximizes the opportunity for discovery of new lead molecules toward important targets.

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