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Affinity Screening

Step by step description of the ASMS process

Chiromics utilizes affinity selection mass spectrometry (ASMS) as the analytical basis of its discovery platform. ASMS is an ultra-high-throughput, label-free, mass-based multi-compound screening technique which allows for the interrogation of compound mixtures for hit identification. ASMS has emerged as a complementary strategy to the traditional high-throughput screening paradigms. This unbiased screening approach allows for the biological target to "select" which compounds to bind to, thereby removing the need for artificial signal output technologies.

Chiromics has developed ChALIS™ (Chiromics' Automated Ligand Identification System), a proprietary hit recognition algorithm. This technology provides Chiromics the ability to rapidly screen and analyze thousands of potential ligands in a simultaneous manner, thereby greatly accelerating the lead identification process.

Based on this enabling platform, Chiromics is poised to explore targets at the forefront of biology, where the ability to devise a traditional biochemical screen has not been feasible.

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