Chiromics considers collaborative efforts
as an essential component of advancement in the science of drug discovery. We invite companies and institutions to share in our pursuit of innovations.
Organocascade Catalysis

photo of diastereotopic leafsBecause organocatalysis utilizes simple organic molecules as catalysts, each individual catalytic system is inherently independent. This hallmark of organocatalysis offers a unique opportunity to build catalytic sequences whereby the product of one catalytic transformation can feed into another catalytic cycle as a substrate. The MacMillan group advanced this concept ("organocascade catalysis") where multiple catalytic cycles are performed in the same reaction vessel, emulating biosynthetic machinery.

Chiromics has further advanced organocascade catalysis by utilizing combinatorial and medicinal chemistry to produce proprietary chemical sequences. This allows for the rapid development of molecular complexity and is the fundamentals of Chiromics' proprietary technology.

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