Chiromics is prospecting new molecular space
through creation of Accessible Complexity: unique and diverse drug-like small molecule collections that are stereochemically complex generated by Chiromics proprietary technology.


Chiromics has developed proprietary libraries available for purchase. These libraries incorporate state-of-the-art MacMillan group technology to produce accessibly complex medicinal cores.


Chiromics can utilize its in-house affinity selection mass spectrometry (ASMS) expertise for screening of client targets against our compound collections for hit identification. Chiromics can provide rapid resysnthesis of putative ligands deriving from in-house ASMS in either racemic or enantiopure form.

Custom synthesis:

In collaboration with clients, Chiromics can perform synthesis of highly customized proprietary libraries. These can be derived from the clients' internal drug discovery efforts or Chiromics' compound screening collections.

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