Chiromics considers collaborative efforts
as an essential component of advancement in the science of drug discovery. We invite companies and institutions to share in our pursuit of innovations.
"Accessible Complexity"

There is mounting evidence that successful drug discovery is highly dependent upon the quality of the starting hit and/or lead molecules. While molecular weight, polarity and H-bonding are important elements to consider when designing screening libraries, complexity, especially stereochemical complexity, has emerged as one of the most essential factors of finding effective lead structures.

Outside of predefined natural products, it has historically been difficult to incorporate and control stereo-chemically rich compounds into high-throughput screening collections. As a result, for de novo libraries there is a continuing and unmet need for stereo-defined compounds. Chiromics aims to change this by harnessing the power of organocatalysis and cascade reaction sequences.

Chiromics has developed cutting-edge technology for the creation of "Accessible Complexity" which holds the promise for identifying novel chemotypes that represent previously untapped veins of chemical space. Over the past decade the MacMillan research group has developed organocatalytic and cascade sequences for the rapid assembly of molecular complexity. Taking full advantage of these new technologies and combinatorial chemistry methods, Chiromics has produced a vast library of drug lead compounds.

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